Lawrence Lek: 2065

Kellenberger–White were commissioned by Lawrence Lek and Sadie Coles HQ gallery to produce a book for the launch of the ‘AI: More than Human’ arts festival at London’s Barbican Centre. It would translate Lek’s film and installation into printed form. The contents of the book are structured in two parts: first, there is a subtitled walk-through of Lek’s futureworld computer game ‘2065’; then the game is revisited in the form of its installation, originally hosted at the K11 Chi Art Space in Hong Kong in spring 2018.

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Small Gods by Alex Quicho

“We know this: all gods become killing machines. But if a god stays small, can it create, instead, another reality?” So asks Alex Quicho in Small Gods: Perspectives on the Drone. Through a series of case studies, the London-based writer explores the presence of drone technologies and their attendant ocular, artistic, and sociopolitical implications in works of contemporary art.

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Beyond the Uncanny Valley: Being Human in the Age of AI

The contemporary uncanny valley is no longer limited to the image of the humanlike robot or “thinking machine.” It is mapped by the inscrutable calculations of algorithms that are designed to mine and analyze humans’ behavior and project it into tradable futures. It is occupied by our statistical doubles, spread across stacks and reflected back to us in a ceaseless visual montage of hot triggers.

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Whitechapel Gallery Documents of Contemporary Art: Science Fiction

Part of the acclaimed Documents of Contemporary Art series of anthologies which collect writing on major themes and ideas in contemporary art."For this collection, Dan Byrne-Smith brings together his acute aesthetic sense, his extensive knowledge of science fiction, and his engaged utopian hermeneutic to present this compelling array of artists and writers who break open the cage of neoliberal entrapment and engage in a revolutionary response to the dark times that immerse us all."

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British Art Show 9

British Art Show 9 is curated by Irene Aristizábal and Hammad Nasar and is structured around three main themes: healing, care and reparative history; tactics for togetherness; and imagining new futures. The 47 artists in the exhibition look at how we live with and give voice to difference; explore alternative economies; and propose ways of living together that emphasise commonality and collaboration.

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Sounds of Crisis by Edith Jeřábková

We live in clusters of crises. Whether someone denies it or someone else promotes it, the crisis is our present. The aim of the publication was not to make the crisis a topic. A crisis is a state, and Edith Jeřábková looks at it in the book as an energy, a force that alternately activates and exhausts, motivates and brings anxiety.

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