Berlin Mirror (2042 Retrospective)


site-specific video game, duration variable

single-channel video, colour, sound, 11m

“History was heavy, so my art had to be weightless. For over sixty years I have worked with the motif of the monument and the aesthetic of virtual reality. It is my way of resurrecting the present.

So when I was invited to make a solo retrospective for the 2042 Berlin Biennial, I wanted to create something special. My show “Berlin Mirror” is an installation bringing together everything I have explored in my practice. Transparency, surfaces, reflection, memory. The history of Berlin, my life. Our lives together. I was born in 1942, across the street from where KW is today.”

Berlin Mirror (2042 Retrospective)


A site-specific simulation of the 2042 Berlin Biennial, where fictional artist Daniela Graham leads a guided tour of her centennial exhibition at KW Berlin. The tour weaves together her practice in video and sculpture, her relationship to history and her four site-specific works at the institution.

Born in 1942 to a chemist who worked at the factory in the courtyard where Kunst Werke now stands, the artist looks back on over sixty years’ worth of her practice in sculpture, video, and performance. Moving between her early years growing up in Berlin, to her memories of East Germany, art school, and her current exhibition at the institution.

Her practice is based on American artist Dan Graham (who created the Cafe Bravo installation at KW), but imagined as if he was born in Berlin in 1942 instead of Illinois. Here, Graham's artistic preoccupation with materiality and space is tied together with the weight of history.


KW Berlin, 14 February – 1 May 2016.

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Originally commissioned for Secret Surface: Where Meaning Materialises

Curated by Ellen Blumenstein and Catherine Wood

Live Closing Performance at Sunrise/Sunset, 30 April 2016